Perfect Plan. Perfect Fitness

Josh Robinson is someone just like you! As a child Josh was a victim of physical/ sexual abuse, parents drug/alcohol addictions and neglect that caused him to turn to food as a coping mechanism.

This caused Josh to have a stuttering problem and become overweight. He was called names such as jelly belly, fat albert, hungry hippo, etc… Just to name a few. This gave him a complex that he had a hard time getting over.

At one point as a pre teen Josh was so sad about how he looked that he stayed in his room crying thinking nobody would ever like a fat, stuttering person like himself.

One day he woke up and decided he was going to do something about it. Josh started exercising and just watching what he ate. Then he started noticing everything in his life was getting better that made him an overall happier and more self confident person.

He knew after he started feeling the change that he wanted to make sure nobody else ever suffered in silence and felt hopeless. He knew if this helped him that it could help many others as well.

Before becoming a Health and Fitness coach Josh was a Memphis Police Officer for many years and then worked for the Memphis Grizzlies NBA team. He felt that he was meant for something more and decided to open up a Personal Training/ Group Fitness Studio in 2012 that has helped 1,000’s of people lose weight and live their best life.

After years off success he wanted to be able to help even more people and thats when Josh Strong online health and fitness coaching was born. This leads us to the present where the results have been better than he could ever imagine through his attention to detail and passion for others.

If you are looking for someone that gives his heart and soul for your success then look no further. He would love nothing more than to positively impact your life and help you live the healthiest/happiest life you ever thought imaginable.